The Enrich-a-Bull program is our program for helping dogs in the shelter.  While we are a pit bull organization, and this program is indeed for ALL dogs living at Sheboygan County Humane Society, we know that pit bull type dogs are the #1 type of dog living at the shelter.  They are the dogs that are there the longest, meaning some of the last to get adopted.  Does this make us sad?  Of course it does.  Yes, it's true that there are a great group of volunteers that walk and play with the dogs, however, for many dogs, it's just not enough.  Some of these dogs live in the shelter for 6 months or more.  We want to give them as much help as we can!

This program will take a lot of work on your end.  We would like to see various play equipment in both of the play yards at the shelter, and that takes handy people, or lots of donations, or both.  Below are a few ideas of what we would like to see...


The above pieces are things that volunteers can build themselves.  We found these pictures on Pinterest.

Below are types of agility equipment that can be purchased through various online stores.  Some of the pieces are similar to those above and can be built.  All pieces teach different things.  This is very much like what children play on at schools.  Dogs learn obedience, patience, they overcome fears, and release so much energy through all these enrichment activities.  

So why is this important to dogs living in shelters?  These pieces help dogs burn physical energy that just can't be accomplished through controled walking.  Dogs NEED to play, just like children.  It teaches them social skills that can't be taught through classes.  Doggy playgroups are helpful for dogs for both physical and mental stimulation, and having this type of equipment helps to take the focus off just the other dogs, which helps to reduce or elimate outbursts of over stimuation or even aggression.

Dogs also show SO MUCH better when they are in their kennel to potential adopters.  Wouldn't you rather adopt a dog that has social skills with both people and other dogs, than one who needs to be taught everything and has been caged for months?  We would!  We all know a tired dog is a good dog!

So how can we do this?  We need you to support our mission and help us create this dream!  If you are handy with building things, we would love to have you build pieces and contact us about how to get your piece of equipment to the shelter.  

We can use gift cards to Home Depot or Menards to buy supplies.  We like cash, it spends well at home improvement stores.

Interactive Enrichement

There are also ways to help teach dogs manners, burn physical energy, and exercise mental energy.  Enter THE FLIRT POLE!  We love the flirt pole.  Click the link below for a short video about the flirt pole from our friends at BADRAP.   Please go to video #9. We have also included downloadable instructions on how to make them.  

We would LOVE it if anyone would like to make some and donate them to us to give to the shelter.  We may even give them to local pit bull owners who can't afford to help their dogs themselves.  

How to use a flirt pole

Please email us at: [email protected] , and use "enrich a bull" in the subject line if you are interested in helping us with this rather large project.  We are more than happy to add one piece at a time, or collect useable supplies to have someone build pieces.  Watch our facebook page for days when we will collect large amounts of supllies for a mass build day!
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